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Why no pictures?

February 4th, 2009

Mostly I’m too busy and dedicated to the dog to stop and get pictures. I will have some in here eventually. There is another reason that I enjoy no pictures on here: I like the thought of my new customers mostly caring about the care and concern their dog (s) get (s). These are the customers I want and mostly get. They like the thought of their dog being gently groomed in their own home with them around. Safety should be a high priority of why a dog loving person would choose their groomer. My service is great assurance of their dog treated well if the owner is right there.

When I come out to groom a dog it ends up becoming a relationship with the dog and with the owners. It is fun to see those owners who’s concern was about the dogs care get the pleasure and surprise to see their dog lovely and expertly groomed. Kind of like icing on a cake.

Why I haven’t raised prices

September 30th, 2008

I feel so bad for so many of my customers being hit hard by everything going way up. Almost everything everywhere is stressful. I’m doing okay for now. Later when the economy picks up a bit, I will raise prices, but for now I’m staying the same.

Another reason is I just don’t want my doggie clients not getting groomed as often having their appointments stretched out between times. This is harder for them and harder for me.

So for now my prices remain.

September 30th, 2008

Too many beloved dogs have gone over the Rainbow Bridge.

May 28th, 2008

Where have I been?

What happened to the blogging, you ask?

I have had a hard time with the amount of beloved dogs that I groomed and loved that have died. In one two month period I lost three of the Pooches I groomed. I understand that my special House Call Grooming is great for elderly or disabled doggies, but I hadn’t figured on how many I would see die. I’ve been grooming for so many years but just 2 years in this helpful House Call business.

I lost sweet and hurting Schnauzer mix Virgil

I lost later Virgil’s beautiful Sheltie “brother” Shadow.

I lost circling lovely befuddled American Cocker Blossom

I lost elegant and stoic darling Wire Fox Terrier Ernie

I lost sweet soul Yorkshire Terrier Molly

I lost big and gentle English Shepherd Tiger

I lost my first House Call buddy, spunky, handsome and loveable Cairn Sandy

This is a lot for my purposely small amount of clients.

This is a tribute to the great dogs and wonderful caring owners. Thank you so much and while it’s been difficult, still, I’m so grateful to have the privilege to gently groom and care for you and know your owners.

A nice story though is about a cutie pie Bichon Disko whom I groomed a several months ago for the supposedly last time due to his diagnosed terminal heart condition. Disko seemed so well. The dogs condition disappeared entirely, he is fine and I’ve groomed him 4 more times since. I like to think that being owned by a Pastor helped his miracle. 

I will surely learn not to be so stunned by the loss of these dear personalities, but I will never not be saddened. I have loved them.  I can imagine when my time is up on earth I will be greeted by all these loving spirits along with my own pet’s spirits.

If there is no heaven for dogs, then I want to go where they go when they die.

I needed to pay tribute to these beloveds. I thought and thought and finally decided to “just do it”.  May it be that all their wishes have come true.

Added later.  One of the cutest little dogs, a Pug named Daisy, just didn’t wake up one morning just a couple of days before my visit. She was only 5 years old. I was upset like I would be for my own dogs. I had the privilege to groom her every 3 weeks. This was such a shock as she seemed to be in fine health. They said it was likely her heart just stopped.


November 25th, 2006

The first on my thankful list is my dogs. I so love them, they are my joy, my constant loves, my eye candy, my exercise buddies, my dance partners, my laughter creators, my energy givers, and my peacefulness. I do thank God for them and the partnership of God with Humans to create such beauties. They also give me the wherewithall to enjoy my passion of dog shows, a universe of it’s own.

Then I remember God, health, loving Boyfriend, wonderful adult son, beloved friends, beautiful canyon home, great job with the greatest customers with the cutest dogs, freedoms, pretty world, warm sunny days, feeling safe, superb music, (I sometimes think if just music were taken away, how much less pleasure there would be in this world), my smartness, and reading/writing skills so I can learn and post here.

ear hair plucking

September 10th, 2006

This is something somebody invented long ago. Theory was that the hair kept dampness in and kept drying air out of the ear canal. Now many Veterinarians feel the practice of pulling hair from a dogs ear is damaging to the ear skin and can create the very infections that the practice was intended to alleviate.

I also feel it is a bad practice and will only clean up hair around the ear. To leave little blood spots in the ear leaves it open for infections and is painful.  


Below are a couple of quotes from groomers who are the epitome of who to seek advice from: 

From a 35 years in the field educator groomer:  “This is the new theory on ear plucking, and it sounds reasonable. When you pluck hair from the ear which is still in it’s growing phase (and we have no way to tell by looking) you leave minute injuries to the skin in the ear canal. Bacteria and yeast can then find their way into those injuries, and you end up with an infection.I groom several standards that used to have chronic ear infections. They all use the same vet, and he started saying DO NOT PLUCK! Shave/scissor excess hair from the opening, finger pluck anything that is loose and will come out easily, and leave the rest. Guess what? No more ear infections!”

From a long time Veterinarian Practice groomer:  “Actually it’s true. Plucking the hair can cause ear infections. Many vets do agree. Leaving the hair isn’t the only other alternative. You can cut the hair out. 

The reason “plucking” can cause ear infections is because it causes inflamation and irritation. Any inflamation has the possibility of causing infection. Many vets now recommend that you trim the hair out instead of plucking.”



In the Pink (only dog related as dogs love their people)

July 6th, 2006

“In the pink” — a phrase meaning “in good health,” takes on a whole new dimension for those at The Breast Cancer Site!

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Here’s the web site! Pass it along to people you know.



Do you have concerns about your dogs groomer?

May 31st, 2006

There are many wonderful pet groomers. There are also compromised groomers. Time is money, too many dogs to be done and speed ends up winning over kindness and gentleness. Something I’ve seen often is a groomer using a High Velocity Blow Dryer full force on the face. The dogs often hate that, ( you would not like it either) a struggle ensues and the dog can end up hating the whole drying process entirely. Then I get to gentle them to get them dry. The other common difficulty is the wiggly dog, the groomer gets rough to get the dog to hold still. These are not the abusive groomers, but it adds up to an unpleasant experience for the dog and even the groomer. This would be one of the reasons you might appreciate observing your dog’s grooming.  

Senior dogs

May 8th, 2006

I’ve been doing quite a few older dogs. It is nice for them to not have to leave their home and nice to get special attention. While I enjoy the good feeling of getting them comfortable and spiffyed up, there is the extra tension for me of what stress can do to a very elderly dog. I get a sigh of relief when done knowing the groom was tolerated or perhaps even enjoyed.

Please leave phone number

April 27th, 2006

A very nice sounding woman, Patricia, wanted me to groom her Bichon. I was with a customer when she called and after brief information given I asked if I could call her back. She said no, she’d call back the next day.     Next day not noted a call from her. 5 days later, nice woman left VM stating to call her back after 7:00 PM or the next morning. She forgot to leave her phone number and must have thought she gave it during the previous call. I cannot call her back and would love to do her little doll. She’s thinking I’m irresponsible no doubt. Her number was blocked out and I even tried to find her by name, to no avail. I sure hope she’ll try again, but likely not.

Please if you call me, or anyone you want to reach, leave your phone number every time.



Update, 5/8/06: The woman called today, she did realize that it was possible she never left her phone number. Finally I will get to groom her Bichon, but even more important, she won’t be thinking of me as irresponsible.