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Why no pictures?

Wednesday, February 4th, 2009

Mostly I’m too busy and dedicated to the dog to stop and get pictures. I will have some in here eventually. There is another reason that I enjoy no pictures on here: I like the thought of my new customers mostly caring about the care and concern their dog (s) get (s). These are the customers I want and mostly get. They like the thought of their dog being gently groomed in their own home with them around. Safety should be a high priority of why a dog loving person would choose their groomer. My service is great assurance of their dog treated well if the owner is right there.

When I come out to groom a dog it ends up becoming a relationship with the dog and with the owners. It is fun to see those owners who’s concern was about the dogs care get the pleasure and surprise to see their dog lovely and expertly groomed. Kind of like icing on a cake.

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