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ear hair plucking

Sunday, September 10th, 2006

This is something somebody invented long ago. Theory was that the hair kept dampness in and kept drying air out of the ear canal. Now many Veterinarians feel the practice of pulling hair from a dogs ear is damaging to the ear skin and can create the very infections that the practice was intended to alleviate.

I also feel it is a bad practice and will only clean up hair around the ear. To leave little blood spots in the ear leaves it open for infections and is painful.  


Below are a couple of quotes from groomers who are the epitome of who to seek advice from: 

From a 35 years in the field educator groomer:  “This is the new theory on ear plucking, and it sounds reasonable. When you pluck hair from the ear which is still in it’s growing phase (and we have no way to tell by looking) you leave minute injuries to the skin in the ear canal. Bacteria and yeast can then find their way into those injuries, and you end up with an infection.I groom several standards that used to have chronic ear infections. They all use the same vet, and he started saying DO NOT PLUCK! Shave/scissor excess hair from the opening, finger pluck anything that is loose and will come out easily, and leave the rest. Guess what? No more ear infections!”

From a long time Veterinarian Practice groomer:  “Actually it’s true. Plucking the hair can cause ear infections. Many vets do agree. Leaving the hair isn’t the only other alternative. You can cut the hair out. 

The reason “plucking” can cause ear infections is because it causes inflamation and irritation. Any inflamation has the possibility of causing infection. Many vets now recommend that you trim the hair out instead of plucking.”



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