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Saturday, November 25th, 2006

The first on my thankful list is my dogs. I so love them, they are my joy, my constant loves, my eye candy, my exercise buddies, my dance partners, my laughter creators, my energy givers, and my peacefulness. I do thank God for them and the partnership of God with Humans to create such beauties. They also give me the wherewithall to enjoy my passion of dog shows, a universe of it’s own.

Then I remember God, health, loving Boyfriend, wonderful adult son, beloved friends, beautiful canyon home, great job with the greatest customers with the cutest dogs, freedoms, pretty world, warm sunny days, feeling safe, superb music, (I sometimes think if just music were taken away, how much less pleasure there would be in this world), my smartness, and reading/writing skills so I can learn and post here.

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