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Please leave phone number

Thursday, April 27th, 2006

A very nice sounding woman, Patricia, wanted me to groom her Bichon. I was with a customer when she called and after brief information given I asked if I could call her back. She said no, she’d call back the next day.     Next day not noted a call from her. 5 days later, nice woman left VM stating to call her back after 7:00 PM or the next morning. She forgot to leave her phone number and must have thought she gave it during the previous call. I cannot call her back and would love to do her little doll. She’s thinking I’m irresponsible no doubt. Her number was blocked out and I even tried to find her by name, to no avail. I sure hope she’ll try again, but likely not.

Please if you call me, or anyone you want to reach, leave your phone number every time.



Update, 5/8/06: The woman called today, she did realize that it was possible she never left her phone number. Finally I will get to groom her Bichon, but even more important, she won’t be thinking of me as irresponsible.


Saturday, April 22nd, 2006

Grooming cats is scary. Many many groomers just won’t do them. Their skin is so loose that it can squeeze through the tiniest clipper blade. Nicking a bit of skin is too common. Also they are not so good with Stay and Put Your Paw Down etc. Sometimes they will bite and the bite can cause serious infections much more than a dog’s bite. None the less I did get some serious tangles off of a nice kitty the other day and though stressful I feel good to help kitty out.  A cat’s skin is so loose and can get in between the tiniest clipper blade to nick, so that is an added stressor.  Much rather do a Poodle or other pooch.

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