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Please leave phone number

A very nice sounding woman, Patricia, wanted me to groom her Bichon. I was with a customer when she called and after brief information given I asked if I could call her back. She said no, she’d call back the next day.     Next day not noted a call from her. 5 days later, nice woman left VM stating to call her back after 7:00 PM or the next morning. She forgot to leave her phone number and must have thought she gave it during the previous call. I cannot call her back and would love to do her little doll. She’s thinking I’m irresponsible no doubt. Her number was blocked out and I even tried to find her by name, to no avail. I sure hope she’ll try again, but likely not.

Please if you call me, or anyone you want to reach, leave your phone number every time.



Update, 5/8/06: The woman called today, she did realize that it was possible she never left her phone number. Finally I will get to groom her Bichon, but even more important, she won’t be thinking of me as irresponsible.

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