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Too many beloved dogs have gone over the Rainbow Bridge.

Where have I been?

What happened to the blogging, you ask?

I have had a hard time with the amount of beloved dogs that I groomed and loved that have died. In one two month period I lost three of the Pooches I groomed. I understand that my special House Call Grooming is great for elderly or disabled doggies, but I hadn’t figured on how many I would see die. I’ve been grooming for so many years but just 2 years in this helpful House Call business.

I lost sweet and hurting Schnauzer mix Virgil

I lost later Virgil’s beautiful Sheltie “brother” Shadow.

I lost circling lovely befuddled American Cocker Blossom

I lost elegant and stoic darling Wire Fox Terrier Ernie

I lost sweet soul Yorkshire Terrier Molly

I lost big and gentle English Shepherd Tiger

I lost my first House Call buddy, spunky, handsome and loveable Cairn Sandy

This is a lot for my purposely small amount of clients.

This is a tribute to the great dogs and wonderful caring owners. Thank you so much and while it’s been difficult, still, I’m so grateful to have the privilege to gently groom and care for you and know your owners.

A nice story though is about a cutie pie Bichon Disko whom I groomed a several months ago for the supposedly last time due to his diagnosed terminal heart condition. Disko seemed so well. The dogs condition disappeared entirely, he is fine and I’ve groomed him 4 more times since. I like to think that being owned by a Pastor helped his miracle. 

I will surely learn not to be so stunned by the loss of these dear personalities, but I will never not be saddened. I have loved them.  I can imagine when my time is up on earth I will be greeted by all these loving spirits along with my own pet’s spirits.

If there is no heaven for dogs, then I want to go where they go when they die.

I needed to pay tribute to these beloveds. I thought and thought and finally decided to “just do it”.  May it be that all their wishes have come true.

Added later.  One of the cutest little dogs, a Pug named Daisy, just didn’t wake up one morning just a couple of days before my visit. She was only 5 years old. I was upset like I would be for my own dogs. I had the privilege to groom her every 3 weeks. This was such a shock as she seemed to be in fine health. They said it was likely her heart just stopped.

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