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Do you have concerns about your dogs groomer?

There are many wonderful pet groomers. There are also compromised groomers. Time is money, too many dogs to be done and speed ends up winning over kindness and gentleness. Something I’ve seen often is a groomer using a High Velocity Blow Dryer full force on the face. The dogs often hate that, ( you would not like it either) a struggle ensues and the dog can end up hating the whole drying process entirely. Then I get to gentle them to get them dry. The other common difficulty is the wiggly dog, the groomer gets rough to get the dog to hold still. These are not the abusive groomers, but it adds up to an unpleasant experience for the dog and even the groomer. This would be one of the reasons¬†you might appreciate observing your dog’s grooming. ¬†

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